Hello, I am Matthew Russell, a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Computer Science. I have a passion for making useful things whether physical or electronic and want to share that passion with the world.

Please, feel free to browse my humble website, other places I frequent, my project blog, and other webpages I've created.


Phone: (314) 685-5499


Published Videogames.


Mobile 3D Videogame about eating your enemies and dominating the arena! Android | IOS

Graphics Examples

Examples of graphics programming I've done for classes and my own projects.

A* 2D Guard AI

A grid-based approach to AI antagonists, utilizing A*, a visibility map, and probabalistic reasoning to model challenging search behanviour where the antagonist AI does not know anything of the world beforehand.

Tenno Typer

Translates english text phonetically into any of the three languages from the game Warframe.

Grineer Hacker

Recreated minigame from the game Warframe. Implements multilayered sound effects, local high scores, and multiple other options.

Vanquish the Night

Top-down puzzle game made in two days for the 2016 St. Louis Global Game Jam.